CheerMatch™ - Studio

CheerMatch™ Studios is a dedicated 5000 square foot facility that was created to film and produce CheerMatch™ and other Online Cheer and Dance competition events. Our live set has a 16 foot wide LED video wall and custom lighting to compliment our production set environment.

The facilities video production booth has best in class television production equipment to produce complex camera switching, host live interviews and provide end to end video editing capabilities.

In addition to our set, the facility has the capability to film events in up to 6K resolution using Cinema quality cameras, dollys, jibs and more. This produces compelling camera visuals and a polished Cinema experience. Alongside our camera gear, we have sound equipment that allows our onscreen talent to move freely around the stage area and a dedicated space to produce voice over elements needed for show production.

CheerMatch™ Studios is an end to end video production space that allows our clients and staff the ability to create high end productions without the need to source outside resources.