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Compete against the best right from your own gym. LEARN MORE BELOW Welcome to CheerMatch!

CheerMatch™ is an awesome new approach to online cheerleading competition. This end to end platform allows cheer teams to participate in video based competitions against other teams throughout the country and have their routines scored by the most knowledgeable judges in the nation.


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Video based competition right in your local gym.

Our custom mobile app allows coaches to live capture routines and submit them to the CheerMatch ™ Judges Portal. Professional judges from across the country are organized just like a traditional competition and score routines with industry standard scoring. Once the results are certified the CheerMatch ™ Event will be aired at a pre-announced date and time. Results and awards will only be announced during the Live Event.

What Makes Us Different



Worldwide Competition Exposure

Matchup against teams from around the world, and see how you stack up on the CheerMatch™ Leaderboard. Cheermatch™ is the first competition that is not limited by your gym’s geography.

Comprehensive Judging Platform

Your video submissions are automatically uploaded to the CheerMatch™ Judges Portal and will be scored with industry standard scoring and with parameters that simulate how routines are judged at traditional competitions.

Watch Live Competition Via Social Media

Submissions are compiled into our LIVE Social Media Broadcast. Coaches, Teams, Friends and Family can view our scheduled Live Broadcast via Facebook, Vimeo and Youtube.

Convenient Five Day Submission

Teams can conveniently film their teams during regularly scheduled practice times, eliminating the need for added coordination.

Affordable Team Registration

We keep it simple and affordable. We want this to be your “go-to” preparation throughout your entire season.

Share With Friends and Family

Watch the final competition Live Online at Facebook and then watch it again via our website.

Participation is simple – watch this video for a complete overview.


Competing more often is fun and improves results

Conceived in 2019, CheerMatch ™ was created by technology experts, gym owners, top judges, and industry leaders to offer a new way for cheer teams to gain competition experience outside their region at a fraction of the on-site competition cost. The platform was not created to replace traditional competitions.  

By offering this platform as a way to increase competition frequency at a reduced cost, our teams gain insights from judges more frequently, have an opportunity to be continually motivated, have even more fun, and share their successes as they grow together throughout the season.


Blog News

Keep Cheering!

At a time when there’s so much uncertainty, we are certain that Matches will be lit.  If there’s one thing we know about cheer, it’s that the industry is persistent. Across the country, All-Star cheer gyms and cheer programs have made adjustments to practices, schedules…

Alison Dytko Joins CheerMatch™

Alison Dytko is a 20-year veteran in the All-Star Cheer Industry and brings an amazing amount of scoring and judging knowledge to our staff. Her role as Scoring Director is a key position that CheerMatch places the utmost importance on. Integrity, fairness, and professionalism embody…

Advanced Judging Portal

We have designed a state-of-the-art platform to accurately re-create the Performance/Judging found at national competitions.

Our judging staff have countless years of All-Star Judging experience. You can rest assured that your routine will be evaluated by seasoned professionals.

When you compete on CheerMatch™, we allow you to submit your routine during a convenient five-day window. This allows for teams to choose a good time to prepare for and record your submission via our LIVE CAPTURE application.

Registration for events is simple. Complete our online form to register your team. Download our CML Live Capture App. from the Apple iTunes Store. Record your routine and choose your final submission for judging.