Competing on the™ Platform.

  • Required Equipment
    • Our CheerMatch™ Video Capture App runs best on a newer generation iPhone.  Preferably iPhone 8 or newer.  The newest generation iPhone X has camera features that make it the best choice.
  • Internet Connection Considerations
    • When a submission is captured the application will upload the completed routine to the CheerMatch™ video hosting platform. If you do not have a good internet connection this can take a while to transfer the file.  You can test other social platform uploads to consider how well your internet connection works.  If your device has difficulty streaming video from other sources, chances are that your connection will present problems.
  • How submissions are processed, judged, produced, and broadcasted.
    • Submissions are captured and submitted over a five days window.  The completed routines are assigned to our veteran Judge Panel and scored separately across various categories.  Our platform tracks the progress of these Judges to ensure that all the evaluations are completed across all submitted routines in this time frame.  Our rules state that Judges must complete all the submitted routines in one evaluation session to ensure consistency.
  • Content Rebroadcast.
    • All submitted routines are cataloged and used for rebroadcast via Social Media, and the CheerMatch Unlimited Subscription platform.
  • Music considerations.
    • Music that contains original mixes can be used for both Live Broadcast and replay.  Please indicate during registration that you have obtained the proper license and or permission to use this music from the appropriate party. assumes no responsibility for license agreements between your team and your associated music producer.
  • Cost to participate.
    • The cost per routine varies depending on the Match that you participate in.  Refer to our Event Registration link for more information.
  • Release of Liability.
    • CheerMatch™ assumes no responsibility for participation in our competitions and events.  All teams are assumed to abide by any and all safety precautions at the participating facility they capture and submit a routine.
  • Usage of Video Footage.
    • All submitted videos will be used for broadcast and replay purposes. All participants agree at the time of registration to allow CheerMatch™ to use this video as desired.

Competition Day Support

Call or Text Our Support Team: ‪(720) 677-1217