The Leaderboard is a brand new and exciting concept unique to the CheerMatch™ competition platform. This dynamic season-long competition format makes each week’s scores meaningful, and engaging as coaches, athletes, and fans follow along to see how the Leaderboard is evolving for their division. The scores posted to the Leaderboard (from each match) will determine the final qualification in your respective division for our Year-End Final Match. Only the Top 10 teams are invited to compete to Crown the Season Champions for each division.*

Added Benefits of Performance Ready Participation

CheerMatch™ brings “real competition” pressure to your practice mat. Current CheerMatch™ customers love the concept of adding this level of competition as it helps develop athletes for in-person competition, and allows them to compete more frequently throughout the season against competitors they would otherwise only see by travelling. 

Let’s Get Social

As a part of the CheerMatch™ weekly competitions, we will provide teams with digital banners for division winners, high point, routine specialty awards and MORE to recognize your team’s accomplishments throughout the season. We suggest that you share these digital banners with your families, friends, and athletes. The awards will help promote your gym and engage fans from all over the world in All-star Cheerleading.  

*Teams must compete in a minimum of 2 regular season matches, and be ranked in the top 10 of the division to qualify for the FINAL match.