Our Platform

The CheerMatch Competition Platform is more than a video sharing platform.

When we set out to create a new way for cheer teams to compete, we set our initial goal on addressing the many challenges and workflow processes that live event producers encounter.  This includes the organization of submitted routines, judging assignments, processes to handle registrations, music licensing issues and much more.

At the core of our Platform, the Cloud Based Judging Portal is what powers the competition experience and enforces the rules that make CheerMatch.live the most advanced video-based competition platform in the industry.

Our rules-based video submission app. is purpose-built to restrict the number of submissions and the authenticity of the video sent to our platform for judging.  Built on the iOS (Apple iPhone) platform, Competition Live Video Capture has been optimized to make it simple and easy to participate in our events.

Competition Live Video Capture ™ - Version 1.4

The CheerMatch Live Capture App is the core tool used by participating teams to capture live routines and submit them to the CheerMatch Judging Platform for scoring.  This mobile application has specific features to ensure that each submission meets our competition rules and standards.

Teams competing on the CheerMatch platform can submit video routines with confidence knowing that all the participants have been subject to the same method of recording two routine attempts and submitting a single video for judging.  This truly sets our platform apart.

CML POWERED EVENT ™ - Beta Version 1.0

The CheerMatch.live platform is designed to support alternative VIDEO venues for Independant Event Producers.  We are developing a white lable version of our platform for IEP Companys to brand and run video based competitions.