If this is your first time capturing a routine via the Cheer Match™ – Capture Mobile Application? We have prepared a few things to consider.

Tips and Tricks to make good video submissions.
Many Cheer Gyms have multiple practice mats. Often times there are multiple teams working on routines. We recommend that you submit CML routines at the end of your practice times. Invite other athletes in the gym to support your athletes. Have fun, and play your music at a level that it can be heard well on the video. 

  • Test your routine by doing a simple video on the same device you plan to use for the actual video submission.  This will tell you if the sound level, lighting, and field of view works. 
  • We recommend using a Tripod and iPhone holder. We like using BeastGrip for our video accessories.  They also have Wide Angle lens options if you don’t have enough room in your facility to film the entire practice surface. 
  • Keep in mind that the application will only allow two “takes” and only one final submission.  This is to mimic the live event process. Our judging staff may reject your submission if the routine is not in full view. 
  • Practice filming teams to make sure you have a good location to capture your routine.  The world may be watching your routine when it is LIVE BROADCAST at the end of the competition.