At a time when there’s so much uncertainty, we are certain that Matches will be lit. 

If there’s one thing we know about cheer, it’s that the industry is persistent. Across the country, All-Star cheer gyms and cheer programs have made adjustments to practices, schedules and policies in order to keep up with ever-evolving public health situations and risks. Gatherings of all types have been scrutinized and limited – including cheerleading competitions. For a resilient industry like cheer, the stress and change has placed an emphasis on flexibility and has given rise to innovation.

At CheerMatch™, we love competitions of all types – large or small, regional or national, in-person or online. If athletes get the chance to put their best routine on the mat, we are here for it. When our platform was conceptualized in 2019, we never predicted anything like the pandemic. Our focus was – and still is – on making cheerleading and cheer competitions affordable, accurately scored and accessible. 

In our inaugural season, CheerMatch™ is offering 15 regular-season Matches, which means teams around the world have 15 chances to take the mat and either achieve their personal best score or exceed the personal best of a competitor. In the event of extenuating circumstances, 15 Matches offers teams a level of flexibility and guarantee not previously offered as easily by competitions. CheerMatch™ teams may have the ability to switch to different Matches throughout the season. Guaranteed competition is almost unheard of in the industry and we’re proud to be able to offer this peace of mind to gyms and programs, if needed.

As our inaugural Match approaches, we are thrilled to see gyms across the country using our patent-pending Mobile Capture App to submit routines. We stand by our sophisticated broadcast model and behind our team of scoring and judging experts, regional representatives, customer experience experts, content producers, and developers. Our confidence in the cheer experience we are creating and sharing translates into confidence for our clients – ensuring them that it’s possible to compete and to cheer – anywhere and under just about any circumstance. We reinforce the resilience of the cheer industry. We encourage cheerleaders, coaches, owners, and fans across the country to be safe, stay motivated, and keep cheering. We look forward to seeing you on THE Leaderboard.