About Us

Developed by Cheer industry veterans that are passionate about technology and the future of the Cheerleading industry.

Cheer Match Live started as a brainstorming session between friends. We recognized a gap in the Cheer industry. Teams practice year-round, but have a very limited number of events per season and often are unable to compete against top teams in their specific divisions.

Discussing ways to solve this problem, a few of the founders thought to use mobile video apps and online streaming to allow teams to compete straight from their own practice mat. This allows for increased frequency of competition and regular opportunities to compete with teams in other parts of the country.

Integrity of the competition was a big topic. We wanted to ensure the Judging platform not only automated the process, but also enforced rules and logic that mimicked the live in-person judging processes. Each video submission is assigned to seven different judges who are required to score each routine within a certain time limit. These judges score the routines independently, offering the most impartial process possible.

The final problem to solve was the production broadcast of the final Cheer Match. Working with NCAA College video production teams, we commit to make the videos engaging and fun to watch for fans, friends, and family.